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Consultancy services are provided by our Customs Advisors and Consultants, who are experts in the planning of customs and foreign trade transactions of the companies and in all customs and foreign trade processes, with the support of current legislation.

Albarakat, Companies that do not have enough knowledge about foreign trade and do not want to do the necessary research abroad, do international research on product basis on their behalf and on their behalf, upon the request of companies that want to import and export. all stages up to delivery It offers under the umbrella of Foreign Trade Consultancy .

Logistics Services

Our Logistics Services

Highway transports

Road transport is basically the arrangement of domestic or international shipments with various vehicles such as trucks, trucks, and pick-up trucks. These shipments can be made with different types depending on the type and nature of your product. Among the logistics terms, you can come across types such as FTL, Partial, Special Delivery Service, Milk Run.

Maritime transport

With maritime transport, solutions are produced for shipments to overseas countries or between different ports within the same country. Thus, great gains can be achieved in terms of both material and time. It mostly forms the basis of container type transportation.

Airways transporting

Shipments between air transport and remote points can be reduced to very short periods. It is one of the most important trump cards for consolidated transportation. In addition, air transport is coordinated by being carried out together with road transport at some point.


Warehousing is an important type of logistics at least as much as transportation. Here you can get bonded or duty-free warehousing service. It turns into an advantage that companies providing logistics services offer suitable solutions to each customer, especially with large facilities.

Stock and Order Management

Here we can talk about stock control as a related service for warehousing. It is possible to follow up the stock in the production, shipment and storage services of your orders. At the same time, solutions are offered in services such as barcodes, packaging and labels.

Project Logistics

It mostly covers logistics planning for large projects. Energy investments such as wind turbines or transportation and appropriate storage services of similar heavy loads are included in this group.


The logistics company undertakes all the transactions requested by the customs while importing or exporting. Thus, all bureaucratic transactions are resolved for you.

It is important that the company you want to receive logistics service from has a professional and well-established structure. It is possible to identify this with the vehicle fleet and the use of appropriate trailers in terms of transportation. It is important to be able to produce solutions for air and sea transportation and to carry out both domestic and international warehousing and customs clearance. In addition to all these, the fact that it can provide stock tracking and special logistics solutions for you is the golden key in terms of satisfaction.

Transportation Services

Domestic and International Transportation Services

We provide our domestic and international transportation services with our partner companies by prioritizing quality and assurance conditions.

We provide your products with 100% insurance assurance in our lines with door-to-door organization planning.

Our Domestic Transportation Services

Project Special Transport Service

Albarakat creates plans suitable for the needs of its customers with its reliable and strong partner network. It creates the right costs with the price policy it offers to its customers and produces solutions in line with their needs.

Albarakat’s Project Special Transport Service expert team creates innovative and customer-specific solutions and reveals their business plans. It carries out sectoral project management with studies for the energy, industry, construction, gas and mining sectors.

Domestic (National) Distribution Services

Domestic Distribution / National Distribution service Albarakat delivers its products, which it receives from the addresses of its customers in and around Ankara, to their addresses in 957 districts of Turkey’s 81 provinces, such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls, construction sites, villages, etc. It is a non-stop delivery service.

All of the solution partners Albarakat works with have the authorization documents required by the road transport law.

Complete Transport Services

Albarakat provides complete transportation services to every point of Turkey with pickup trucks, trucks, lorries and containers. It provides a complete transportation service without any problems. The product or the whole of the goods are loaded into our vehicles from one point and shipped to the designated point on time.

All of the solution partners Albarakat works with have the authorization documents required by the road transport law.

In this type of transportation, which we call bulk product shipment, commodities that can fill a single type of vehicle are shipped.

Container Transport Service

Albarakat, with its reliable subcontractors, provides fast and reliable export pre-transport and import post-transport services to its customers from/to all Turkish ports.

Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services Consultancy

All of your import and transit products are served in the warehouses affiliated to Halkalı, Ambarlı, Atatürk Airport, Ankara, İzmir and Mersin Customs Administrations, which we work as partners.

You can be sure that all your commodities (products) that have not yet entered into free circulation will be preserved in the best way possible within the rules set by the law.

By making use of the whole service Albarakat offers you, we support you in order to minimize transportation and transportation costs because we are partners with safe storage, warehouses close to port and surrounding customs, developing regions and import-export companies.

Albarakat stores your commodities undamaged and safely insured against all kinds of risks in our warehouses.

Residence permit

Get your residence permit with Albarakat Danışmanlık without getting lost among the formalities!

If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and want to stay within the borders of Turkey for more than 90 days, if this permit is not used within 6 months of obtaining the residence permit, the cancellation of the residence permit will be on the agenda and will not be valid.

Legal regulations regarding residence permit are included in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection and the Law No. 5683 on Residence and Travel of Foreigners in Turkey.

Residence permits issued to foreigners in Turkey are mainly in the following categories:

  • Short-term residence permit (Maximum 1 year)
  • Family reunification residence permit (Maximum 2 years)
  • Student residence permit (during the study period)
  • Long-term residence permit (for an indefinite period)
  • Humanitarian residence permit (Maximum 1 year)
  • Residence permit for victims of human trafficking (issued for a period of 30 days to 6 months, allowed for a maximum of 3 years)

In order for a short-term residence permit to be issued, foreigners must meet the conditions set forth in Article 32 of the Law.

– Submitting supporting information and documents related to the purpose of stay in Turkey,
– Not to be within the scope of Article 7 of the aforementioned Law,
– To have accommodation conditions in accordance with general health and safety standards,
– If requested, to submit a document showing the criminal record issued by the competent authorities of the country of citizenship or legal residence,
– To give the address information to stay in Turkey.

What are the reasons for Rejection, Cancellation or Non-Extension of a Short-Term Residence Permit?

– One or more of the conditions sought for a short-term residence permit are not fulfilled or disappeared,
– It is determined that the residence permit is used for purposes other than the one for which it was issued,
– Existence of a valid deportation or entry ban decision,
– Violation in terms of the duration of stay abroad,
In such cases, a short-term residence permit is not granted, it is canceled if given, and the expired ones are not extended. Detailed information can be obtained from them for 24 hours.

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