Nuts and dried fruits

According to the annual consumption and export data of the International Council of Nuts and Dried Fruits, Turkey ranks high. Due to its geographical location, our country is home to a rich production of nuts and fruits, including many tropical fruits.

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Nuts nutritional values in a very important place. In addition, it is known through research that they are very beneficial for the body. Although nuts are seen in the snack category as general use, they are helpful in many areas in the kitchen. Especially the wonderful harmony of pastries and some nuts attracts attention. In this sense, it will also lead to the acquisition of healthier foods.

Dried Fruits

Fruits, which have a very important place for health, can be consumed fresh or dried in a delicious way. Dry fruit It is one of the best ways to eat fruits that do not grow in the current season. Fruits dried by various methods also have many benefits for health.

Dried fruits, which are rich in fiber, can be especially good for the digestive system. It also contains important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, iron and vitamin B. It is an important snack for dieters. Dried fruits are more durable than fresh fruits; In this way, it can be consumed for a longer period of time. While drying fresh fruits, all other minerals are preserved except vitamin C. In addition, thanks to its high antioxidant content, dried fruits can also come to the fore with their ability to fight against free radicals. The benefits of dried fruit are innumerable and it is a complete healing store, especially when consumed in winter. Dried fig, which is one of the most consumed among dried fruits, can support digestive problems and constipation. It can be good for the skin as well as improving heart health. Dried apricots, on the other hand, are very rich in iron and can be particularly beneficial for anemia. Date is also a fruit that is consumed quite frequently as a dry fruit and can help control weight by giving a feeling of satiety. Dried fruit nutritional value It is quite high in terms of nutrients and meets most of the daily nutritional needs.

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