Medical Supplies

Medical materials are very important materials used in the field of health and which must be used. These are the materials that should definitely be found in every health institution, hospital, health center, family medicine centers or veterinary offices.

  • gloves. Injectors, needle tips, cannulas. patches. Tapes. Various medical textile products. Abeslang, disinfectants, masks, antiseptics, scalpel tips, bonnet, shoe covers. Oxygen masks, gowns and overalls. Medical waste products and many more different medical consumables. Airway, ambu kits, vaccine containers, automatic tourniquets, stoppers, surgical sutures, needles, skin staples and skin staple remover products and many more medical consumables products.

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Examination Gloves

examination gloves; latex, vinyl and nitrile are divided into groups within themselves. Each of these examination gloves types is preferred in different areas.

  • latex examination glove: It is the most preferred type of examination glove, it has a flexible structure and fits the human hand perfectly. It has powdered or powder-free options, and people who are allergic to powder can easily use the powder-free version. Its main material is natural rubber and people allergic to rubber should not use this glove.
  • vinyl examination glove: If you are allergic to the rubber or powder in the latex glove, you can choose this glove. This glove is anti-allergic. It is especially preferred for use in the food or cosmetics field because it does not have a great effect in interrupting the transmission of infectious diseases. But if you are going to use it in a sterile environment and pay attention, you can choose the product.
  • nitrile examination glove: This type of glove is the most durable and useful glove type. The fingertips of the glove have a rough surface on the ends, making it easier to hold objects. It also has a semi-flexible structure. Its permeability level is very low compared to other gloves. The problem of transmitting infectious diseases in vinyl glove is definitely not in this glove. It provides full protection.
Sterile Gloves

sterile surgical gloves; They are divided into groups among themselves as powdered, powder-free, latex and synthetic.


General features; sterile, disposable, non-pyrogen and non-toxic, full sealing.

Each CC size, different colors, short-long needle, etc. are in options. You can contact us for details.

Arthroscopy Sets

General features;

  • Airless drill bits
  • On/off clips and “Y” connector
  • Quick reload point
  • Flat luer connector with cover
  • Air vent cap on connector
  • Soft tube proximal end

Spinal Needles

General features;

  • The spinal cannula is pen-tipped with a side hole.
  • The tip of the pencil point spinal anesthesia cannula is not traumatic. Therefore, it is rounded with a special technique.
  • There is a comfortable grip apparatus that enables the cannula to be advanced safely.
  • It has a transparent lock-connection for puncture control.
  • There are 90,120,150mm alternatives in the desired diameter of 22-25-26-27 G in sterile packaging.


Types of plasters;

  • Cloth Patches
  • Injection and Hemostatic Pressure Bands
  • Flexible Fixing Tapes
  • Silk Patches
  • Paper Patches

You can contact us for details.

Oxygen and Nebulizer Masks

It is used in oxygen treatments, hospitals, family health centers, emergency first aids, ambulances, etc.

General features;

  • The product is anatomically produced for the nose and face structure.
  • It can be easily cleaned.
  • It is produced as adjustable with its flexible elastic band surrounding the head.
  • Produced with mask tube.
  • The hose is produced in accordance with oxygen devices.

Intubation Tubes

You can contact us to get information about tracheal tubes (intubation tubes), which is one of the auxiliary equipment used in anesthesia.

Candy Strips

Blood glucose test strips have high accuracy rates.

General features;

  • Strips are not adversely affected by skin contact.
  • The blood can be drawn into the strip easily.
  • The strip is easily inserted into the device.
    Although the strips are not thin, they are not easily broken and bent.

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