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From acrylic paint to water-based paint, all paint types and paint equipment you will request are supplied quickly.

As Albarakat, we provide a trust-oriented corporate process by bringing the local manufacturer together with the global customer.

Silicone Paint

It prevents water-based stains that may occur on the walls from penetrating into the paint, thanks to the film layer it forms on the paint thanks to its easy-to-clean, stain-proof, superior technology.

Plastic Paint

It is a water-based, matt interior wall paint with high coverage and excellent whiteness, easy to apply, good adhesion.

Oil paint

Solvent Based, High quality, decorative and protective finish with superior covering, high adhesion, good spreading properties, soft, elastic, wipeable, semi-matt appearance, which can be used after suitable putty and primers on interior and exterior concrete, wood, metal, plaster, etc. building materials. floor paint.

Ceiling paint

It is an acrylic copolymer binder, decorative water-based matte interior paint. It is used in ceiling painting applications. It has high covering power. Does not turn yellow. It provides a top-notch cottage. Easy to drive. Matte flat appearance. It breathes.

Transition Liner

It is a filled interior primer that can be used especially in the transition from solvent-based paint to water-based paint, on solid surfaces with interior plaster and color transitions. Increases water-based paint performance, reduces paint consumption.


As a manufacturer, it meets all kinds of industrial, wholesale and retail needs, with a leading position in its field, whose roller, brush and paint products are produced with the latest technology.


It is used for thinning all kinds of synthetic paints, primers and varnishes that are free from irritating odors and produced with aromaless solvents or normal solvents.

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