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What is a Radiant Heater?

Radiant heaters contribute to the development of the baby by heating the baby's environment homogeneously so that the babies can feel the warmth of the mother's womb after birth.

What is Phototherapy Device?

Phototherapy is a special treatment method applied to babies with jaundice through light. Jaundice is seen at a rate of % 60 in term babies and % 80 in preterm babies. Jaundice in newborns is mostly harmless and resolves spontaneously. Sometimes it can cause permanent damage to the brain and hearing system due to exceeding a certain level. For this reason, phototherapy, that is, light therapy, is applied according to the level of jaundice detected in babies.

With the phototherapy device, the bilirubin substance that accumulates in the skin and causes jaundice is broken down and allows it to be excreted from the body with urine.

What is an Incubator?

They are devices that ensure that the vital activities of newborn babies, who are premature or have difficulty in performing their vital functions, are controlled and protected from diseases. Incubators provide the baby with the temperature and humidity environment in the mother's womb, allowing the baby's nutrition, care and health status to be followed. A suitable environment is created for the health of the baby by giving clean air into the incubator through an anti-bacterial filter.

What is Fetal Monitor (NST) Device?

NST devices are devices that detect the heartbeat of the baby in the mother's womb, the movements of the baby and the mother's uterine contractions and their severity. Also known as fetal monitor. It is administered through the mother's womb, especially towards the end of pregnancy, and the baby's heart rhythm and the mother's uterine contractions are followed, usually for 20 minutes. Monitors used to monitor the heartbeat and uterine contractions of the fetus in the uterus during pregnancy or delivery are called fetal monitors. This measurement is made by connecting two probes to the mother's abdomen. It is important to follow up with a fetal monitor in monitoring the health of the fetus. It is generally applied between 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. The baby's heart rate and the mother's uterine contractions are monitored over a 20-30 minute monitoring period.

What is Binocular Colposcope Device?

For diagnosis and operation, accurate positioning for the observer, binocular colposcope has inclined head, which can be flattened on request. Ideal for three-dimensional vision, offering a clear optical system that minimizes the need for focusing. Thanks to the fast and reliable inspection, the powerful light shaft is suitable for inspection of almost every small detail. A floating green filter can be fitted to highlight vascularization. For eyeglass wearers, eyepieces have retractable eyecups. The device offers mechanics for accuracy, stability and usability. The central grip produced for binocular colposcopy right or left hand provides ease of positioning. It does not require a high maintenance efficiency and allows fast and smooth positioning.

What is water birth?

Water birth is a method of giving birth in a pool of hot water. Water birth is a place where a tub or pool is filled with 37 degrees water. Hot water relaxes the person and allows the muscles to relax. In water birth, the negativities that may occur due to normal birth are prevented.

What is a colposcopy device?

The colposcope device enlarges the view of the cervix and makes it easy to see. Colposcopy provides a close examination of the vagina or vulva. Colposcopy device is a kind of microscope for gynecological examination. It provides visualization of the inner mucosa of the vagina. The colposcope is derived from ancient Greek, 'kolpos' means vagina and 'kopi' means to peek or look.

Gynecology Desk

Table types designed for urology, obstetrics and minor surgical operations are called gynecology tables. The main reason for using these tables is that the reproductive system of women can be easily examined. On normal examination tables, the patient cannot be examined gynecologically; because during this examination, women must be in an appropriate position for a full examination. Gynecological examination tables allow women to be examined comfortably without having to force themselves.

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