Infrastructure Elements

Infrastructure products; It provides the removal of rain water, wastewater, sewage water by creating concrete channels underground. It forms the infrastructure sewerage of the settlements. It is also used in the construction of wells or septic tanks. Concrete pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, lamp tenon pipe, drainage pipe, concrete inspection chimney body, u channel, grille bases, chimney caps, culvert, concrete cover etc. Contact us for supplies You can communicate.

As Albarakat, we provide a trust-oriented corporate process by bringing the local manufacturer together with the global customer.

Concrete Pipe

concrete pipes; It has superior external pressure resistance against various filling and traffic loads, as well as high internal pressure resistance. In this way, it is possible for the line and pipe section to remain undeformed throughout its operating life under continuous and live loads.

It is produced using completely domestic raw materials and domestic resources. Products with low cost are also very easy to repair and repair.


It offers economical solutions by being designed against different filling and traffic loads. Completely domestic raw materials are used in its production. It allows the construction to be completed quickly.

 Inspection Chamber (Manhole)

Chimneys installed for the purposes of control, intervention, ventilation, connection and return in collector, carrier rain water and sewer lines are called inspection chimneys. It is also called manhole, concrete chimney, manhole, manhole and manhole among the people.

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