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Albarakat, provides services at the level of international standards thanks to its founders and specialized team, who have been in international trade for years and gained practical experience in fields such as import, export, logistics and customs operations.

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Providing the service of marketing and exporting the products of the manufacturer companies located all over Turkey; Member of Exporters' Association, Central Anatolian Exporters' Association, Turkish Exporters' Assembly, Turkish Steel Exporters' Association, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Transporters Association To get detailed information about our services as a SME consultancy firm that has gained the trust of its customers in the sector. contact us You can pass.

Albarakat; food products, nuts and dried fruits, construction materials, medical devices and products, construction materials, chemical products, iron and steel hardware materials, construction machinery, etc. exports products.

Our aim manufacturers based in Turkey by establishing a protected ground of mutual interest among overseas customers with reliable and secured on each side to enable you to enter into a business relationship.

Logistics Services

Highway transports

Road transport is basically the arrangement of domestic or international shipments with various vehicles such as trucks, trucks and vans. These shipments can be made with different types depending on the type and nature of your product. Among the logistics terms, you can come across types such as FTL, Partial, Special Delivery Service, Milk Run.

Maritime transport

Our company provides customs clearance and port operations from all cities and ports of Turkey, including inland shipping, to all countries and ports of the world, supplying and organizing reefer and dry containers; By professionally organizing ships and equipment for dry cargo transportation, it gained the trust of importer and exporter companies and paved the way.

Airways transporting

Shipments between air transport and distant points can be reduced to very short periods. It is one of the most important trump cards for consolidated transportation. In addition, air transport is coordinated by being carried out together with road transport at one point.


Warehousing is an important type of logistics at least as much as transportation. Bonded or duty-free warehousing service can be obtained here. It turns into an advantage that companies providing logistics services offer suitable solutions to each customer, especially with large facilities.

Warehouse Services

All of your import and transit products are served in the warehouses affiliated to Halkalı, Ambarlı, Atatürk Airport, Ankara, İzmir and Mersin Customs Administrations, which we work as partners.

You can be sure that all your commodities (products) that have not yet entered into free circulation will be preserved in the best way possible within the rules set by the law.

By making use of the whole service Albarakat offers you, we support you in order to minimize transportation and transportation costs because we are partners with safe storage, warehouses close to port and surrounding customs, developing regions and import-export companies.

Albarakat stores your commodities undamaged and safely insured against all kinds of risks in our warehouses.


The logistics company undertakes all the transactions requested by the customs while importing or exporting. Thus, all bureaucratic transactions are resolved for you.

Albarakat Export It provides great convenience to our producers and exporters by providing customs clearance services at all ports and customs of Turkey.

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Albarakat Consulting; is a professional solution partner in international trade that represents and supports the interests of everyone involved in import, export and international trade. You can call us to get detailed information about our services.

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